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The Fire Control Towers of Fort Miles and the Delaware Coast were an early, effective form of Homeland Security.

This series of coastal defense watch towers have been standing for over 70 years, long after they fulfilled the purpose for which they were designed and constructed. This website will not tell much of the history but will, instead, provide a photographic look of the 11 (remaining) towers of coastal Delaware as they stand today. There is a rich and detailed history available but we don't want to repeat what others have done; we will, instead, point you to those sources (via links).

Ghost Towers of Coastal Delaware

Being vacant and in disrepair for over seven decades gives rise to the affectionate name of Ghost Towers. Yes, they are empty but have become so well known to residents and trourist alike, it would be difficult to image our seacoast without them. There were actually 19 of these towers consturcted with 15 being in Delaware (#1-#15) and four in New Jersey (#23-#26). Several were dimantled over the years, but these 11 in Delaware can easily be spotted (and photographed) as you travel the area.

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Contemporary photographs of the Fire Control Towers of coastal Delaware and Fort Miles at Cape Henlopen State Park: Known by various monikers, hope you find these photographs of...Fire Control Towers, Coastal Watch Towers, Fort Miles Towers, Cape Henlopen Towers, Delaware Coast Towers, Ghost Towers...interesting and informative.


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