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Fort Miles/Cape Henlopen Area Historical Connections and Other Related Links

Fire Control Towers, Fort Miles, and Cape Henlopen Area Historical Information and Coastal Defense Military Links.

Fire Control Towers - Contemporary Photographs

Fire Control Tower "Specifics" - Technical specs of the series of Towers in Delaware and New Jersey.

FortMiles.org - Most comprehensive source of information about Fort Miles available in a single place.

Fort Miles Historical Area - Delaware State Parks

Fort Miles Historical Association - Non-profit historical association dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Fort Miles.

Interactive Fire Control Network Map - Incredibly detailed map (created by Fort Miles Historical Association member, Dan Brown) that shows the original locations of all elements of the fire control system.

Navy at Cape Henlopen - Information about the Naval presence at Fort Miles and Cape Henlopen

Lewes Historical Society - A few items for sale and some information about Ft. Miles

Topsail Missile Museum - Operation Bumblebee left Fort Miles for Topsail North Carolina

Red Canyon Range Camp - Information about NIKE and RCATS

Coastal Defense Study Group - a non-profit corporation formed to promote the study of coast defenses and fortifications in the U.S.

Indian River Bridge - Art photographs of the bridge and information about the Delaware Seashore State Park, location of Fire Control Towers #4 and #5.

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Support and Information Pages:

The Navy at Fort Miles/Cape Henlopen - Don't forget the United States Navy

Fort Miles, Coastal Artillery and Target Acquisition Videos - See what it's like

Tower Winter Photography - All year 'round

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