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Fort Miles, Coastal Artillery and Target Acquisition Videos

Fort Miles and the defense of Delaware Bay
This video provides an overview of Fort Miles. Built in 1941, this massive coastal fortification was designed to defend assets along the Delaware River and Bay, as well as the city of Philadelphia, during the Second World War. New renovation allows visitors to experience what took place here. Video produced in 2012 by "ContentDelaware" - www.destateprks.com

Note, please:
The videos below are not about the defenses of the 261st Coast Artillery, Fort Miles and/or the Fire Control Towers of the Delaware Coast. The principals, however, are similar.

Seacoast Artillery in Action - Part I

Seacoast Artillery in Action - Part II

Coast Artillery Plotting Room in Action
This film explains "postion finding systems" - the methods used to accurately locate Naval Targets. Remember please that these calculations were all carried out in the days before computers...

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