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Restored Willys & Modern Jeep Wrangler

Similar, sure - but what a difference between these two vehicles when seen sitting side by side. There is a 62 year time span between the manufacture of these two models but the "family resemblance" certainly is evident. The Willys is a 1950 model and the Wrangler is a 2012. Either one feels quite comfortable while visiting the Fort Miles site (at Cape Henlopen State Park) today but the Willys really seems like it "belongs" there - as an example of living history.

Restored 1950 Willys Army Jeep and 2012 Jeep Wrangler

While there is an obvious difference in size and "creature comforts," the Willys wins the "character" competition in this match-up.

Old and New Jeep vehicles side by side.

These photos were taken during the first day of Cruisin' 2014 (Cruising Weekend) in Ocean City, MD, on May15, 2014. The drivers/owners met each other, by chance, at the Hooter's Lot in North Ocean City - where there is always a fine gathering of classic cars during the Spring and Fall automotive events.

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